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"Once upon a shooting star..."

O_O… lol

*0*~ L

hehe xD


The: I Realized I Had A Second Set Of DMMd Phone Charms That I Won’t Use Giveaway :0
basically just what it says i already have a set on my phone and i found this and? ? ?? it needs a new home
hte rules:
-only reblogs
-dont have to follow
-i will ship anywhere ayy
-one winner gets the entire set

i think thats it tbh let me know if i forgot smth idk its just a small giveaway nothin big so ye
it ends Aug 22 on friday at 11:59pm EST so basically midnight
go and reblog to ur hearts content but dont spam ur followers

Anonymous Asked:
Please post more! :(

My answer:

TT^TT Im so sorry.. *sighs* I’ve been a bit busy and procrastinating these days…but yosh! Im back! Thank you for keeping up with my post though ^^ *smiles*

Hyouka <3

Awww >.<

lol its perf~ =.=

*0* Pika!

Rin! <3

Lol x3


I’ve reached 300 followers and decided to do a give away as a thank you!

What you can win:
Wallscrolls from various fandoms (kuro, knb, dna, free or snk)
Levi nendoroid
1 knb chibi
1 free! chibi
Knb character keychain of your choice (there are more options)
Snk character keychain of your choice
Kuroshitsuji keychain of your choice

1. You must be following me.
2. Reblog as many times as you want, likes count too!
3. You have to be okay with giving me your address.
4. Winner will be chosen with a random number generator.
5. I will ship worldwide!
6. No giveaway blogs please.
7. Make sure your ask box is open so I can contact you!
8. You will have 48 hours to respond to me.
9. You will have until August 30th, 2014 12:00AM (PDT)
10. Have fun~!

If you want to know anything more about the prizes or you just have questions in general, my ask box is open.

It’s that time again! That’s right, giveaway time!!!

So ever since my last giveaway I gained a influx of new followers and right now I’m at 900 (I’m so happy eeee) and because of that I wanted to do another giveaway because I a.) have too much anime stuff I sadly never use and b.) I like see you guys so happy

you must be following me; it is a follower giveaway
Reblogs and likes both count as an entry point. Do both for double entries.
Follow this cutie for a third entry as well
There will be 5 winners this time!
No giveaway blogs please
You must have ask boxes open and must be comfortable telling me your name and address

Giveaway ends: Sunday, Oct 12th


  • totoro body suit (idk the actually name it’s called)
  • studio ghibli collection dvd box
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf game
  • Kuroko bo Basket - Kuroko cosplay uniform 
  • Free! Iwatobi cosplay jacket
  • Silver wig (not used- was originally for Nitori) 
  • Plain black wig
  • Blue wig (not used- was originally for Rei)
  • White/Light Silver Spiky Wig 
  • two pairs of japanese platform shoes
  • Free! iPhone case
  • Japanese winged backpack
  • SNK jacket
  • SNK earrings
  1. First will get 4 items
  2. Second will get 3 
  3. Third will get 3 
  4. Fourth will get 3
  5. Fifth will get the last 2

Any comments or questions can be sent to my ask box and I’ll try and get back to you guys asap.
Alright, I think I said everything. Awesome, happy winnings again guys!

Welcome to my tumblr! hehe I hope you guys enjoy my blog. I also hope to get a few followers... that will absolutely make my day! >.< :D
Love you my precious starlings* <3 (my followers) ^^

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